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Lead Clinicians

  • Dr Alex Bartle MB, BS, FRNZCGP, Dip Obst, MM (Sleep Medicine)

    After extensive research and special training in sleep medicine overseas, Dr Bartle established the Sleep Well Clinic in March 2000. Dr Bartle was an invited speaker at the Australasian Sleep Association international conferences in 2003 and 2006. In 2007 he presented research at the World Federation of Sleep Research 5th International Congress.

    In recent years Dr Bartle has presented at continuing medical education seminars and conferences in New Zealand and overseas. Dr Bartle is the Medical Director of the Sleep Well Clinic and is a member of the Australasian Sleep Association.

  • Professor Lutz Beckert MD, FRACP, MRCP (UK), Respiratory and Sleep Physician

    Professor Lutz Beckert is a Respiratory and Sleep Specialist at Christchurch Hospital. He is also a Senior Lecturer and Academic Head of the Department of Medicine, University of Otago Medical School. Professor Beckert is the Clinical Advisor at the Sleep Well Clinic and has a wide range of current research interests. Professor Beckert is a member of the Australasian Sleep Association.

  • Dr Bryn Sparks PhD, PG DipSci (neurophysiology), BSc, Sleep Physiologist

    Dr Bryn Sparks was one of New Zealand's first Sleep Physiologists. While working as Technical Director of Christchurch Hospital Sleep Disorders Unit Dr Sparks helped develop remote sleep apnoea testing techniques in the early 1990's that are now widely used throughout Australasia. Dr Sparks received his doctroate from Victoria University of Wellington studying the medicalising influence the information economy of the internet has on the way people think about snoring.

    Dr Sparks's current research interests center around the development of heart-rate variability as a portable measurement tool for people with sleep problems. He is also interested in long-term use of wearable biomonitors to collect sleep data over much longer periods than single nights and how that data can be used to help offer make more personalised and effective treatments for people with problematic sleep patterns. Dr Sparks is a member of the Australaisan Sleep Association and Australasian Sleep Scientists Association, and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

  • Alex Mortlock PG Dip(Clin.Psyc), MA(Psyc), BA(Hons), Clinical Psychologist

    Alex Mortlock is a registered clinical psychologist trained at the University of Canterbury. He has worked in sleep medicine since 2012 and specialises in cognitive-behavioural therapies for insomnia and a range of treatments for other sleep disorders. His experience in a number of rehabilitation and health settings has given him the background to understand the biological, psychological, and interpersonal factors involved in sleep disorders. Alex is a member of the New Zealand College of Clinical Psychologists and the Australasian Sleep Association. Alex also offers clinical psychology services for non-sleep problems at Alex Mortlock - Clinical Psychologist.

  • Dr Kelly Dale PhD, MSc, BPhEd, Sleep Physiologist

    Dr Kelly Dale is the Sleep Well Clinic Research Manager and is also Managing Director of Healthy Lifestyle NZ. Dr Dale studied at the University of Otago and gained a BSc in Human Nutrition, a Bachelor of Physical Education in Exercise Prescription and Management, a Master of Science with Distinction in Human Nutrition and a PhD in Human Nutrition. After being awarded her doctorate, Dr Dale's research interests have focussed on the interactions between sleep, nutrition and physical activity. Dr Dale has published research in many top international medical journals.

Sleep Doctors and Allied Health

    The doctors and health professionals at the SLEEP WELL CLINIC provide comprehensive assessment and treatment services for children and adults suffering sleep disorders such as problematic snoring, sleep apnoea, insomnia, and parasomnias.

    Medical consultations in Whangarei, Auckland, Tauranga,Hamilton, Taupo, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch, Dunedin, Wanaka, Queenstown, and Invercargill are available by appointment.

    We also offer testing and treatment services to patients throughout New Zealand using portable monitors and extensive phone or ZOOM support for consultations.

  • Iain Buchannan
  • Dr Marcus Ang
  • Dr Hemant Kheterpal
  • Dr Caroline Davy
  • Dr Ken Couper
  • Dr Hanna Preston
  • Kim Robb
  • Dr Dorren Kirkaldy
  • Lisa Crow
  • Dr Maree Lindsay
  • Dr Kelly Dale
  • Christine Sparks
  • Lauren Vaile
  • Dr Anna Winter
  • Dr Roland Meyer
  • Dr Kate Margetts
  • Sue Filsell

Customer Services

    The doctors and clinical support team are only part of the story. Patients need to be triaged when they first contact us, appointments need to be arranged, sleep monitors need to be sent out and retrieved, and correspondence with family doctors, other specialists, and regulatory organisations needs to be prepared, checked, and sent. Our customer services team have years of experience working specifically in sleep clinics and they also each bring a diverse background of professional experience and skills.

  • Christine Sparks National Sleep Well Clinic Practice Manager and Clinical Co-ordinator
  • Cassie Woods Accounts Manager
  • Kimberley Gill Clinical Support
  • Keith Clark Clinical Support
  • Grace Sparks Customer Support
  • Sapphire Switalla Customer Support
  • Marcus Devine Customer Support
  • Sammy Watson Customer Support

DR ALEX BARTLE and his team of health professionals at the SLEEP WELL CLINIC provide comprehensive assessment and treatment services throughout New Zealand for children and adults suffering sleep disorders such as SNORING, SLEEP APNOEA, INSOMNIA, and PARASOMNIAS.

Local Consultations

  • New Zealand has a dispersed population. Sleep Well Clinic works with local staff throughout the regions to meet new clients and patients, provide testing and consultation services, and to help people start therapy.

  • We also draw on expert central knowledge centres to support the local services.

  • Clinical Support

  • Our team of experienced sleep therapists are linked through a state-of-the-art IT network to provide clinical support throughout the week for patients starting or on long-term therapy.

  • The seamless patient experience provided by our network is an important part of our high treatment success rate.

  • Customer Services

  • The Sleep Well Clinic is supported by a team of professional administrators who understand the need to treat each patient according to their individual needs.

  • All our frontline staff are friendly and approachable and look forward to making your first point of contact with the Sleep Well Clinic an informative and open experience.

  • Contact us

    Freephone: 0800 22 75 33

    Freefax: 0800 22 75 44

    e: contact@sleepwellclinic.co.nz