Sleep Well Clinic


    72 Newington Ave
    Maori Hill
    Dunedin 9010


    How to find us
    Mercy Hospital and Marinoto Clinic are together nestled in 4.5 hectares of tranquil surroundings in the Dunedin suburb of Maori Hill.

    If you are travelling from the North:

    Once you come down the SH1 Motorway, proceed down Pinehill Road and turn left at the bottom of the hill and turn left again onto George Street passing under the bridge. Continue south along George Street, past George St Normal School and then turn right up onto Warrender Street. Continue along up Warrender Street and it will join onto Highgate. Travel south along Highgate until you reach Newington Avenue, which is on your left hand side. Travel down Newington Avenue for one block and Mercy Hospital is one block down on your left.There is ample onsite parking available.

    If you are driving from the South there are two options:

  • Via the Octagon
    Come off the Southern motorway and proceed left along Andersons Bay Road until you turn right into Princes Street. Carry along Princes Street until you reach the Octagon and turn left up onto Upper Stuart Street. Continue up Stuart Street, passing under the overhead bridge. Turn sharp left and left again onto Highgate and cross over the bridge. Continue along Highgate for five blocks until you reach Newington Avenue on your right hand side. Travel down Newington Avenue and Mercy Hospital is one block down on your left.

  • Via Kaikorai Valley Road
    Travel off the Southern Motor Way onto Kaikorai Valley Road, until you reach the intersection of Stuart Street and Kaikorai Valley Road. Turn right onto Stuart Street and veer left at the top of the hill until you reach the Highgate intersection. Turn left onto Highgate and travel five blocks along until you reach Newington Avenue located on the right. The hospital is sign posted.

    Other SLEEP WELL CLINICs are available throughout New Zealand. In the main centres we have consultation clinics accomodating a wide range of diagnostic testing and treatment services for snoring, sleep apnoea, insomnia, sleep/wake cycles, restless legs, and others.

    In smaller centres we enhance local services with our expert clinical and technical support. We provide testing services for patients referred to us by local doctors and we also offer teleconference or skype consultations for patients living too far away from the main centres.

    We take referrals from specialists or general practitioners, but because we have our own doctors we also take self-referrals. Call us to find out what services we offer in your location. Medical consultations are available by appointment in:

DR ALEX BARTLE and his team of health professionals at the SLEEP WELL CLINIC provide comprehensive assessment and treatment services throughout New Zealand for children and adults suffering sleep disorders such as SNORING, SLEEP APNOEA, INSOMNIA, and PARASOMNIAS.


  • The doctors at the Sleep Well Clinic have long-standing special interest in sleep medicine, and have received special training in sleep medicine.

  • The doctor consultation will help figure out what's going on so we can get the right treatment for you.

  • Sleep Tests

  • The Sleep Well Clinic staff perform a wide range of home sleep tests for snoring, sleep apnoea, sleep/wake cycles, restless legs, and other sleep disorders.

  • Not all patients need a test, but when indicated, the test will help select the best treatment.

  • Treatment

  • A wide range of treatments for a variety of sleep disorders are available at the Sleep Well Clinic.

  • Clinical treatment includes Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for insomnia, MAP therapy for snoring, and CPAP therapy for snoring or sleep apnoea.

  • Contact us

    Freephone: 0800 22 75 33

    Freefax: 0800 22 75 44